Who we are

About us

  • We are a comprehensive clinic that will guide you through all stages of the healing and recovery process.

  • Our chiropractors utilize advanced soft tissue treatments such as Active Release TechniqueGraston Technique, and Kinesio Taping, as well as traditional chiropractic care and nutritional supplementation.

  • All our massage therapists are licensed Chiropractic Assistants, allowing us to incorporate massage into your chiropractic treatment plan.

  • We work with all Major Insurances, and are experienced with Motor Vehicle Accident and Worker’s Compensation injuries.

We’ve been in the neighborhood a long time active in community from Friends of Trees and neighborhood associations to coaching kids teams. We stay cutting edge with professional continuing education and advances are adjunct faculty at UWS mentoring senior students as they finalize their clinical education. We have treated in many athletic venues from Ironman to international and local soccer and Ultimate frisbee tournaments.  Over the 100 collective years (yikes!) of experience, we have collected a vast network of professional referrals and enjoy collaboration with our medical, coaching, fitness & legal colleagues. We have earned a reputation for being excellent listeners and clinicians who will take good care of you.

We look forward to seeing you!

Oh, and we were among the first health care clinics in the city to move up to GOLD certification with the city of Portlands ‘sustainability at work’ program since 2014 by completing over 45 actions, some listed below. Most importantly, we incentivize our employees and patients and encourage close to home care, even if that means referring them to a provider in their neighborhood.

Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts is deeply committed to sustainability and care of our local environment. We have been Gold Certified with City of Portland Sustainability at Work since 2014. 

Here are a few examples of ways that we show we care:

            • Mass transit and bike commuter discounts

            • Rain barrel roofwater cachement

            • Recycled paper product use

            • Low flow water faucets

            • Low water use toilets

            • Solar power for water heating AND electric

            • Energy efficient window upgrades

            • Built-in filtered water system

            • High level of recycling throughout the clinic

Hawthorne Chiropractic also maintains an active presence in the healing community, coordinating care with other medical professionals when necessary. Having practiced in the Portland area since 1993, we have a robust referral list ranging from Reiki to radiology.  At times, we may refer you to one of these health care professionals for services that complement your chiropractic treatment.with 

Our Doctors

Amy Lennon, DC

It really never gets old. I love what I do so it’s fun to keep studying it & searching for new techniques. I have acquired many ‘tools’ for my doc bag and continue to learn when it is best to use them. I am grateful for the notable, trustworthy & wonderful referral base that my patients can access, from surgeons to art therapists. I work daily alongside massage therapists, acupuncturists, and physical therapists in order to apply the most comprehensive care for you. The way I provide care is holistic, from soft tissue assessment & nutrition to the way you move and what your specific goals are; I am open to hearing what you need, be it complicated or just a quick treatment. I am thorough so I can be confident & then I can be as specific as possible with my care. My patients continue to bring incredible meaning and so much love to my life; I am so thankful.
For more about Amy, she has an extended bio [here]…
Here are some highlights of the last 25 years:
  • GT® (GRASTON) all levels since 2005
  • ART® (active release technique) all levels
  • Neurodynamic solutions®  Michael shacklock (nerve glide)
  • SFMA® Level 1 Certification
  • FAKTR® (Functional and Kinetic Treatment  with Rehab) all levels
  • Kinesiotaping & FTMI® (Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries)
  • NASM certified PES (performance enhancement specialist)
  • member :American Chiropractic Association, The Chiropractic Association of Oregon, The American Chiropractic Sports Council
  • Functional Medicine Nutritional food based inflammation control with Jeff Bland and Alex Vasquez
  • Stu McGill, Mckenzie approach, Grey Cook, Buchberger and so many more

Cliff Marhoefer, DC

Cliff received his B.A. degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara and his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College in 1991. He has been in private practice in Portland since 1993 and utilizes many soft tissue techniques in his own practice. He has been formally trained in Graston Technique, Fascial Manipulation, FAKTR, Kinesiotaping and has advanced training in sports medicine (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, CCSP). He tends to be a very gentle provider and is the “brains” of the family, graduating magna cum laude from Chiropractic College. 
He also played Ultimate Frisbee for over 20 years, winning the national championship 2 times as a member of the Santa Barbara Condors. He was voted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame in 2011. Now he enjoys traveling with his family, running, and day-to-day family life.

Arden Freedman, DC

Arden received his BS from Cornell University and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States. Growing up, he was a devoted soccer player, which led to a history of injuries. Through the utilization of chiropractic, he was able to continue playing competitive soccer throughout his undergraduate studies. This led him to join the world of  chiropractic care. He strives to help people live more enriched lives and has found his passion in helping eliminate the barriers that stop people from doing what they love. Just like his chiropractor was able to help him continue his passion of playing soccer and staying active!

Through personal experience, Arden has gravitated to an integrative approach to care with an emphasis on adjusting and muscle work, as well as targeted exercises that get to the root of the problem. He believes that his job is not only to help people heal, but to also give them the necessary tools and knowledge they need to empower themselves into feeling even better than they did pre-injury. Arden has a strong interest in understanding the cause of an injury, which has led him to study human biomechanics. This interest has led him through training by the Prague School of Rehabilitation in the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization as well as becoming a certified yoga instructor. He has also completed training in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, which is especially efficient at treating disc herniations.

Katherine Souza, ND, LAC, LMT

A naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, and bodywork who commonly blends the 3 to provide a holistic whole-body approach. Dr. Souza may suggest lifestyle recommendations, exercises, use herbs, homeopathy, and other medicines. She offers functional lab testing and interpretation including routine screening blood work. Acupuncture is palpation based (meaning very hands-on) with a focus on trigger point therapy. Bodywork consists of cranial sacral, myofascial release, and tuina (‘tweenaa’), which are all very gentle. Don’t expect a spa-type massage. Dr. Souza’s practice focuses on working with people with these conditions: high stress and tension in the body, repetitive use injuries, postural imbalances, motor vehicle accidents, chronic pain, inflammation. She works integratively with the chiropractors here and physical therapists whom she often refers to.

Our Massage Therapists

Beth Rogers, LMT

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Heidi Stachelrodt, LMT

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Office Staff

Craig, Front Desk

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Brian, Front Desk

Brian is originally from Arizona, and moved to the Pacific Northwest to be near mountains, forests, and the sea. In the summertime you can find me swimming in Oregon’s lakes and rivers. During the rainy months I enjoy spending time with my partner and doggos watching movies or finding new places to take advantage of Portland’s amazing food scene. I believe wellness is a journey, and I feel fortunate to be working in an environment with amazing healers who are passionate about providing the very best holistic care and treating each patient as a valued member of our community.

Jordan, Office & Billing Manager

Jordan grew up in Bend, Oregon where He grew up playing baseball, and snowboarding. He enjoys his work with us because of the healing nature and the amazing group of people who surround him daily. He is currently pursuing a degree in psychology, and likes to learn a little bit about everything. Outside of work he loves adventuring, traveling, yoga, cooking, keeping plants, and art. He has two fur-children, Harper and Winston, who keeps him young.

Margaret, Front Desk

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Margaret moved back to the Pacific Northwest over four years ago and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as she can, doing such activities like dragon boating, softball, snowshoeing, or hanging out on a local patio with friends. Alongside her love of the natural world, she can be found flexing her “jill of many trades” muscles at her home studio, designing a tiny home or creating giant life-sized paintings. Coming from a family in the holistic care field, she sought work that puts an emphasis on building great relationships. In that regard, she feels she has hit the jackpot, to be part of the tight knit community found here at Hawthorne Chiropractic.