What is Graston Technique?

Graston Technique is a patented, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization therapy which allows the practitioner to detect and gently break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions, in order to facilitate greater efficiency of movement within the muscle and speed recovery time of muscle and tendon injuries. It can be used immediately following an acute injury, and it can be effective in cases of long-term muscle restriction due to scar tissue formation.

Scar tissue can form during a seemingly routine workout; it can also form over time due to repetitive motion. It restricts range of motion, causing a chain reaction in the body of compensation for that restricted motion, and it can also cause pain and tension at the site of adhesion or at a site of referred pain.

The technique utilizes metal tools that are formed to target the contours of specific areas of the body, to effectively transfer information about the muscles to the practitioner and to create the most effective angle of treatment. The tool helps to actually break up the scar tissue by virtue of specifically focused pressure and friction to the surface of the skin. Some minor bruising and discomfort during the treatment may occur, but this is a natural part of the healing process.

The area of treatment reacts to Graston Technique with increased circulation and an ultimately anti-inflammatory process at the site of treatment. Because this technique activates fibroblasts and mast cells in the area, the tissue repair process speeds up considerably. So at the same time as the scar tissue is being separated and the muscle fibers are being freed up for greater movement, the scar tissue is also being destroyed and recycled by the body’s natural scavenger cells.

The beautiful part of this targeted soft-tissue treatment is that the effect can be felt immediately and it can create long-term changes within 4-5 visits, with significant healing accomplished by visit 8. It can even create lasting effects after one treatment.

Here is an example of the process a patient will undergo with this treatment:

Beth, one of the front desk staff, fell down her stairs at home and injured the medial collateral ligament of her right knee. She experienced swelling, tenderness, and a feeling of tightness and weakness in the knee. She applied a topical liniment to reduce swelling and immediately set up an appointment, so she came in the next morning for a treatment. During the appointment she received three soft tissue therapies: Micro-current stimulation at the site of inflammation for a few minutes to relieve pain, followed by Graston Technique for a few more minutes to mitigate the scar formation of the acute injury, and finally Kinesio-Taping to enhance the long-term effect of the treatment by supporting and bringing more circulation to the affected ligament. The friction and pressure of the metal Graston tool created a small amount of bruising, but the treatment itself only caused minor discomfort. The therapy itself felt smooth and calming, and the swelling from the original injury decreased significantly by that evening. The stiffness and tightness diminished greatly the next day. In two days the knee hardly bothered her at all. The ligament healed quickly and she was playing soccer the next week!

Here is a video from local news in Atlanta, GA which describes Graston Technique in detail:

Graston Technique Fox News

To find out more, you can also visit the Graston Technique website.

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