Welcome back Drs. Cliff Marhoefer and Amy Lennon!!

We have two fantastic announcements to share with you all!

We are happy to report that Drs. Cliff Marhoefer and Amy Lennon have returned safely to Portland from their sabbatical in Peru! We are excited to welcome them back and welcome those of you back who’ve been waiting to see them!

Dr. Cliff Marhoefer is seeing patients as soon as this week! Dr. Amy Lennon will return Monday June 20th. Feel free to call our front desk to schedule your appointment for either of them. You can reach us at (503) 231-9879 and we can assist you with any of your scheduling needs.

In addition to Cliff and Amy’s return, we are also welcoming a new massage therapist to our practice! Andrea comes to us highly recommended and has extensive training in a variety of massage therapy techniques. She is on our schedule for Monday – Wednesdays and on Saturdays. Please give a warm welcome to Andrea next time you see her!