Four-legged Friend Appreciation Day

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

– John Muir

We understand the healing powers of animals and how much they enrich our lives as companions- whether they provide comic relief, a non-judgmental audience, empathetic presence, or act as an exercise buddy, to name a few ways. We thought it would be fun to give our community a peek into the types of animal companions that hang out with our staff members and patients:






Tigerlily, born 10/10/05, is a happy, loving and wild Pug/Mini-Pin!!

Her mom’ is a 100% Pug, and her dad is the mini-pin (the dog of the pug’s mom’s ex-boyfriend!!! Get it???)

She loves to run, play,catch-ball and be silly!!!
She brings smiles and laughter to all she meets on the path!!!!!!!

-Linda M.



Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou is a 6 year old jack russell with more sass than any dog I’ve ever met. We constantly joke that the only reason we keep her around is because she makes us laugh. She is the best medicine someone could ask for.  After a busy day of monitoring the neighborhood activity (neighbors, mail man, squirrells, traffic conditions, etc.) through the living room window she likes to get under the covers and curl up as close to you as she possibly can.  She enjoys frequent naps, chewing on her favorite toy “mr. bill”, walks in the hood and of course, cheese. –Sloan Lacey, front desk staff



Rubie and Teal



Rubie was born in January 2011. She was in a bad situation but was rescued, and then she came to live with the the nuts here.  She is ..”Wily”- very loving- but don’t change your hat or she will bark at you. She has to be touching another dog or person most of the time.  She can entertain herself- bugs are a great toy. She can open doors & graham cracker packages. She torments her housemate Teal by “heeling” her everywhere. – Kellie J.




Marlowe and Bodhi



Marlowe and Bodhi are two lover lagomorphs whose favorite activities include humping, eating and pooping. They devour vegetables of any kind and have quite the knack for being snugly and adorable. Marlowe is an elderly gentleman at age 9, whose adoption date suitably falls on Valentine’s Day. After being a bachelor bunny for nearly six years, he finally met Bodhi and they bonded instantly. Which is no wonder, since Bodhi is surely the most snugly bunny in the history of bunnies. It’s true. – Jess Hardwicke, front desk staff





Dottie's Incredibly Adorable Smoosh-Face!






Dottie is a pup that needs no explanation or description. Words would only detract from the amazing levels of photographic cuteness. She lives with Sarah Macias, Massage Therapist


The cuteness is killing me!






Dottie and friend










Three Guineas
Clem eyes the Lantern




















Say hello to The Sheik, Berry, and Clementine. These noble guinea pigs were rescued from a life of wild and crazy revelry in the Community Garden at Reed College, 2004. Having no natural defenses other than cuteness, they quickly realized their good fortune of being captured by a benevolent being. They then gave themselves over to gluttony and sloth, yet they always found time for making cute inquisitive noises, “popcorning” (having a full body joy-spasm which causes their bodies to leave the ground in an explosion of cuteness), and being gentle and cuddly. They lived full lives, made many friends, and took the occasional modeling gig. They lived to be extremely old guinea pigs (8 years) but have since moved along to the Highland Prairie in the sky. – Beth Griffing, front desk and website staff