FOAM ROLLING CLASS: Coming Up Sunday 2/3

Sundays at Noon: Series of 4 Foam Rolling + Fascial Release Classes.

First Class is this Sunday, February 3rd– RSVP today! 503.231.9879

Location: Gem Studio at 1110 NE Glisan near Benson HS

Instructors: Amy Lennon, DC, PES cert, Sarah Macias, LMT, CA, BA & super trainer Rachel Johnson.

Release yourself


…of myofascial adhesions!

Free up movement, let your muscular planes glide freely.

Then join us to strengthen and reprogram your correct movement patterns.


  • Low cost=> the first series is donation only & it’s free for you to do at home!
  • Learn how to use a theracane, foam roller, even an old tennis ball to gently mash your tough spots.
  • Increase your vitality and improve your explosive power.
  • Improve your flexibility and joint mobility & decrease myofascial pain.
  • Learn the most effective and safe position to chose in treating different areas of your  body and then how to properly stabilize the area.
  • Provide a professional & guided class for your patients/clients, (or for you to learn yourself), to magnify their outcomes.