BIG (bittersweet) NEWS here at HC!

After over a decade we are saying ‘g’bye & we love you’ to our dearest Brig, office manager extraordinaire.

At first, our hearts were heavy and we didn’t want to imagine a day without her robust laugh and naughty jibes 😉 but after a month with the news we’ve softened and we truly wish her well.

She will be returning to her dear friend’s pool/spa business to enjoy a LOT fewer pressures and still have Wookie by her side.

Yes, these are some pretty big shoes to fill, so we’ve decided to replace hers with a few smaller pair, by breaking up her tasks more manageably. We will be relying on more offsite billing and automated services offered through our EMR (electronic medical records) company, which is fantastic. Cliff will be taking on the on-site management and we are presently hiring another team member to run the rest.

I have honestly never met another person with her level of integrity and focus. She fixed us up during a difficult transition, held down the fort when we left the country for 6 months and most importantly, gave us peace of mind…never a doubt. What a proud mama she must have!

Brigett’s been such an amazing leader, a rock solid and 100% committed employee and kind friend to us, we are deeply grateful for her place in our lives.

You are amazing, sweet friend. Enjoy this new chapter, you deserve it.

Love from,
Amy et al

PS: check our goodbye Q and A with Brigett below:

What would your theme song/entrance music be?
“HEEEEEERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAAAAAAAY!  … uh, is that mighty mouse?”

What would your billboard say?
“Don’t be a dick.”

What’s one moment in your life that if you couldyou would re-live?
“Swimming with whale sharks for the first time – without taking in so much salt water I poison myself. Or maybe seeing a shark for the first time while scuba diving.”

What are your top fav books?
“All time fave is “Orlando” by Virginia Wolfe. “Endgame” Volumes 1 & 2 by Derek Jensen. The book that made a huge impact on my life though was “six of one” by Rita Mae Brown.  I read it in college and it helped me to realize that being gay was a normal regular thing and not a disease.”

“Antonia’s Line.  Others – Deadman by Jim Jarmusch, Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino (really all of Tarantino’s movies even though I think he’s probably a jerk).”

Whats one thing that you do that people think is crazy and why do you do it?
“It depends, my mom thinks everything I do is crazy but, in Portland mostly it’s just normal to do your laundry with rain water, have chickens in your back yard, bike around with your dog in a trailer, swim in an ocean that’s cold as *%^#.  So…I think I just do normal stuff.”

Who is your superhero?
“Yer mom”

What advice would you give to your 20 yearold self?
“Dude, stop smoking now, you idiot, and start playing rugby while you still heal quickly!”

Who comes to mind when you think ‘punchable‘?
“The so-called “president” of the USA.  …and the injury-deniers at USAA”

What will you miss most about HC? <3
“Seeing my super-awesome co-workers almost every day.  It’s been incredible to have some of the absolute BEST people in the world to work with.  There is always laughter and joy and good vibes around here and it’s going to suck to not be a part of that every day.  I’m also going to miss seeing our crazy wonderful patients.”