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Temporary Sabbatical

Dear Hawthorne Chiropractic (HC) Patient,
This letter is to inform you of some temporary changes coming to our clinic. We (Cliff & Amy) will soon be embarking on a 4-6 month long sabbatical/adventure with our youngest kid, August. We will be living in Peru, studying Spanish and volunteering and doing it while our bodies are still able! It is both an exhilarating and daunting undertaking and we hope to return with many stories, new friends, renewed bodies, and full hearts.
It is important to us that you understand your care will continue to be paramount and that we have prepared for your continued management here at HC. We know it took a lot for you to entrust us with your health. We value you and hope that you transfer the trust you have established in us over to Arica, (Dr. Roetemeyer) for your body care. She has been working with us for almost 2 years and if you have not yet met her, it will be your treat! She is a competent doctor with a lot of perks that help her provide the highest level care: she’s a great listener, was a D-1 athlete, has her masters in Sports Medicine and is a new mom, so she’s even excellent with treatment during pregnancy and with babies. And she’s really smart. We scrutinize each new HC Chiropractor and pursue the very best for our clinic and we have truly hit the jackpot with her (please refer to web site for her bio: Arica Roetemeyer).
We are also in the process of hiring 2 more docs to increase available office hours; one very experienced DC moving back to Portland after 33 years of practice, the other a new graduate. The hiring and inspection process has been time consuming and getting them on insurance panels will take more time, so for a few months they will likely see cash paying patients only and be available if you are billing insurance in a few months. However, Arica is already on most insurance panels. The front desk will be available to help you with your particular situation.
We feel that our patients really are the best; we are very lucky. I hear from other docs and PT’s around town, folks that I refer to: “I love your referrals…”, “I love treating your patients, they are so fun!”, “Yes, send (her) over- your patients are so nice”. And it’s true! Thank you.
We will be returning in late spring but presently Hawthorne Chiropractic will be operating, business as usual, so please continue to come in for your chiropractic needs. We will still be routinely in communication from afar so if something needs communicated, we will be reachable. Officially, please accept this letter as formal notification of our upcoming sabbatical from mid-January through mid-May, 2016. Our specific dates will be available at HC and on the web site. Your medical records are safe and will remain on file at our office, easily accessed by Dr. Roetemeyer and our massage therapists, as needed. As always, if you do not find the right match here at HC, we will do our best to find you an outside referral.
Please do not hesitate contact us if you require further information. We greatly value our relationship with you, and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years. Looking forward to seeing you in late spring! Best wishes and happy holidays.

Amy Lennon, DC and Cliff Marhoefer, DC

PS-‘Getting to know you’ PROMO: In January and February, schedule with a new practitioner (you have never seen him/her before) & you can also schedule a free 30-minute massage as a 1 time gift.)