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Our doctors listen to you closely, are attentive to detail and choose specific and appropriate modalities to use in your care, after a thorough exam and history with you.


Amy grew up in Buffalo, New York where she learned to love competitive sports eventually playing college softball and volleyball and in chiropractic college (in Portland) began competing in triathlons and beach doubles volleyball. Studying movement and working in the bodywork field was a natural transition from playing. She has been a resident of Portland for nearly 25 years. Now she’s very grateful to have such a satisfying life and supportive community both at HC and in SE Portland. She’s also very proud of her three kids and spends most free time running around after them and finding time with them!

She also spends a lot of time working with young athletes through her non-profit outreach called SPIT, where she works with parents, therapists, trainers, providers and coaches in an effort to lower injury rates and create performance enhancement for young athletes, through studying their performance in their sport. “Educating players and coaches is all it takes, we all want the same outcome- strong, healthy kids who get to play their best, without undue risk of injury.”

Amy has a strong interest in the problem solving aspects of chiropractic and enjoys searching for new techniques to aid the body to heal itself. Presently her interest in biomechanics expresses itself through Functional Movement Screening, FAKTR, ART (Active Release Technique), and Graston, the combination of which has contributed to new levels of success with stubborn and unresolved cases. Amy’s genuine nerdy interest in research has resulted in an open mind regarding all different techniques of healing and a wide network of peer practitioners in multiple disciplines. As a result, we enjoy an extensive referral database.

Amy is a current member of the American Chiropractic Association, The Chiropractic Association of Oregon, The American Chiropractic Sports Council and a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College and SUNY at Buffalo. After graduating Western States Chiropractic College, she worked as the director of women’s health at their outpatient clinic (teaching and supervising both students and colleagues both intrapelvic techniques and pap/pelvic exams), before opening a private practice with her husband Cliff. She is ART certified in Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine, Masters and presently studying ART biomechanics for certification. Strong interests and private study: Grey Cook, Buchberger, Reinold, gait analysis, Chi running, forefoot running and Nerve Flossing. Hobbies: running, swimming, hiking, gaming and hanging with friends, travelling and a bit of crossfit. Biking, sewing and reading.


Cliff received his B.A. degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara and his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College in 1991. He has been in private practice in Portland since 1993 and utilizes many soft tissue techniques in his own practice. He has been formally trained in Graston Technique, Fascial Manipulation, FAKTR, Kinesiotaping and has advanced training in sports medicine (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, CCSP). He tends to be a very gentle provider and is the “brains” of the family, graduating magna cum laude from Chiropractic College.
He also played Ultimate Frisbee for over 20 years, winning the national championship 2 times as a member of the Santa Barbara Condors. He was voted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame in 2011. Now he enjoys traveling with his family, running and day-to-day family life.


Arica hails from Phoenix, Arizona where she developed her passion for athletic training and performance as a competitive swimmer. At the peak of career, she was a member of the Division I swimming and diving team for the Mizzou Tigers. Following sixteen years of competition and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Missouri–Columbia, she returned to school to expand her knowledge base regarding biomechanics, treatment and diagnosis, and injury prevention. In 2013, Arica graduated cum laude from the University of Western States with dual degrees–Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science and Doctor of Chiropractic. Arica has direct, clinical experience assisting athletes in training room and competition environments. In doing so, she has advanced her overall ability to improve patient recovery time, performance, and wellness.

Arica has a strong interest in functional evaluation, treatment, and management which guides the development of individualized treatment plans. Her treatment approach uses a combination of chiropractic manipulation, kinesiotaping, electric modalities, class IV laser (photobiomodulation), instrument-assisted and manual soft tissue therapies, and corrective therapeutic exercises to address her patients’ needs.

She also has an interest in prenatal care and is certified in the Webster technique. This protocol assesses and focuses on correcting imbalances and discomforts commonly experienced in the pregnant female pelvis with chiropractic care of the sacroiliac joints.

Arica has lived in Portland since 2010 with her husband, Nik. She has a daughter, Emerson, who spends quality time loving up on their two dogs and cat. She spends her recreational time discovering ways to adventure around the Pacific Northwest. Interests include black and white photography, mountain biking, teaching Zumba, swimming, diverse culinary cuisines, and traveling.

Uma's bday


Dr. Uma states: “We can create whatever we want in our lives. I choose to create JOY!”

“My life’s work is to help people to create Balance, Peace and Joy in their lives through Natural and Creative methods. Having been a chiropractor and acupuncturist for the past 34+ years my life has expanded to include the creative process in my work and my life. After experiencing major changes and epiphanies during the past few years the Mandala and Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity processes have broadened and deepened my connection to my soul and my Joy. When I paint I am in the state of Love (and I like being in that state!)

I offer my art and my healing connections through my Chiropractic practice as well as I offer group and private painting workshops. www.UmasHealingCenter.com

In addition to the love of her practice and art, Dr. Uma has2 grown children and a 4 year old granddaughter that are “all the greatest blessings of my life. “

Dr. Uma joins Hawthorne Chiropractic after being in practice for 34 years. Upon graduating from Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) she practiced in Portland for 8 years before moving to Idaho to raise her family. Now after 25 years she returns to the Greater NW area.

Before Chiropractic College, Uma was co-founder of Institute of Yogic Culture in Southern California where she and her partner taught Yoga, Nutritional Cooking, Massage and more. She relocated to Portland answering a “call” to “not limit herself to Home births (as she pondered Midwifery) but take care of the whole person.” Thus during her first practice time in Oregon, she offered a very broad scope with general chiropractic, home births, women’s health care, and whole family Natural care.

During her 25 years in Idaho Dr. Uma embarked on several avenues to further deepen her practice – she obtained her Diplomate as a Chiropractic Internist, trained in NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment), Received her Acupuncture Certification (she does not use needles in Oregon) and further depth in Nutritional and Life style work ups.

Her son and granddaughter in Portland call her back to the area. In addition to her Chiropractic practice, Dr. Uma will continue to pursue her passion with the arts where she paints and shares the Intentional Creativity practice in the form of workshops and one-on-ones.

We are fortunate to have her here at Hawthorne Chiropractic where she is not only filling-in with Dr. Arica Roetemeyer while Drs. Amy Lennon and Cliff Marhoefer are on sabbatical, but will be offering her experience and skills as a Chiropractic Physician offering:

  • General Chiropractic (Neck, back, extremity – whole body care)
  • Blood Work ups (looking at Health, not just “survival” and settling for less than optimal)
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Allergy Treatments (NAET)
  • Cranio-Sacral Treatment
  • Whole body care for the Whole family – Naturally


Zahra is the lone Canadian in our team at HC. Born and raised in North Vancouver, BC she stereotypically grew up playing hockey. After deciding on a career in field hockey, she moved to the snow belt to gain her Bachelors in Science with a double major in Biology and Medical Science at the University of Western Ontario as a varsity athlete. She then escaped the Canadian winter tundra and returned to British Columbia where she nurtured her love of older adults and strived towards a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Gerontology. By then it was time to put all her education together and she crossed the border to Portland to concurrently complete her Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Medicine at the University of Western States. Her fondest memory of school was having the opportunity to work with athletes at Warner Pacific University, on the sidelines of football games and at the finish lines of marathons around Oregon.

Zahra has taken time to enhance her tool box with certifications not provided to her at school. For example, she is certified in ART Full Body, Rock Tape Level 1 and 2, McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis (Lumbar), Mulligan and DNS (Part 1). She believes movement, soft-tissue techniques like ART, instrument-assisted and manual work are vital tools in addition to chiropractic manipulation to promote recovery from injuries and dysfunctions caused by accidents, daily life or sports. Her favourite part of being a Chiropractor is having the ability to get to know each patient and find out what drives them on a daily basis in order to help them accomplish their goals. Zahra is our most recent addition, eager to help you get back to doing what you love (or need) to do!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Portland has began to feel like home for Zahra but most of all, she enjoys the wide variety of cuisine and entertainment. When not at the clinic, don’t be surprised to find her frequenting Portland’s many fine food establishments.


Our therapists are trained in both acute pain protocols and deep tissue techniques and commonly work with the guidance and direction of the physician.


Practicing bodywork since 2003, Cam incorporates a foundation of Deep Tissue and Advanced Myofascial Techniques for musculoskeletal pain relief. He focuses his therapeutic studies on Structural Integration, a theory which considers the tensegrity model of posture and fascia. Cam is proud to be a part of Hawthorne Chiropractic. He appreciates the generous and kind support of the friendly HC family.


Olivia has been practicing massage therapy since 2012 and studied at East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland. Her practicing centers around injury rehabilitation, postural alignment, and pain relief through release of muscular tension and increasing fluidity of movement. Her approach to healing primarily incorporates myofascial release, Structural Integration, stretching, and therapeutic deep tissue techniques including trigger point work. She also enjoys prenatal massage.

She currently working to complete her B.A. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Lewis & Clark College. Understanding how the body works on a cellular and molecular level has helped to shape her approach to body work and increase her passion for the work she does as a massage therapist.

Olivia is also an avid rock climber, runner, and all around adventurer. This allows her to understand and empathize with every client that is on the road to healing so they can get back out and do what they love. She cares deeply about each and every client and has devoted her life’s work to helping others heal and find the inspiration to take their health into their own hands.



Katelin graduated from East West College in 2014. She studied Swedish and deep tissue massage as part of the core program and also studied Structural Bodywork techniques and basic Craniosacral Therapy. She began studying Visceral Manipulation techniques last spring. By integrating a variety of techniques from these modalities, she aims to bring clients relief from chronic conditions and address the physical and emotional symptoms associated with pain and stress.

When Katelin is not at Hawthorne Chiropractic, she enjoys hiking, making jewelry, reading, and cuddling her cats.

Our office strives to make your experience here as inclusive and simple as possible. They work hard so you can relax!



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Evelyn is the English accent at the front desk. She hails from the UK, where she received a degree in social and economic sciences. She’s a master kombucha brewer who relaxes by scaling rock cliffs and hiking. In addition to wonderful grandchildren, her family includes three spirited cats and a docile husband.

BRIGETT MANN, Office Manager

Brigett has held a number of positions at Hawthorne Chiropractic (HC).  She started out as a Massage Therapist here in 2006, then Chiropractic Assistant to Dr. Lennon, and currently she is the Office Manager (and Billing Liaison).  She strives to keep things running smoothly around the office and happily reports that she almost succeeds!

Brigett is ever under the watchful eye of her dog Wookie (who cracks her up daily).  When not at HC, she enjoys going on adventures near and far; spending time with her animal friends; watching women’s rugby (go ORSU!); reducing, reusing, and recycling; petting goats (and dogs, cats, llamas, cows, etc); and fixing things (or breaking them, depending on the day).




Lisa is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. She has worked alongside HCHA since 2005, as Pate Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. Her primary treatment focus, and passion, is fertility and women’s health. She also provides acupuncture and herbal support for pain syndromes, allergies and colds, headaches, and other internal medicine conditions.

Please visit http://pateacupuncture.com/pate/ to contact Lisa for appointment scheduling. You will also find information regarding acupuncture and Chinese medicine.