“Hawthorne Chiropractic has been there when I’ve needed them, and I have always had positive results. I refuse to go to any other chiropractors in the city.” EW

“Hawthorne Chiropractic has the most knowledgeable and capable practitioners I have ever been treated by. (and I have been to many chiropractors). They not only care about identifying and resolving my issues but also are invested in teaching me to prevent additional and further problems. I can fully and consistently rely on them to give me the best care possible.” KZ

“I was referred to Amy and her folks at Hawthorne Chiropractic by my primary care physician… to help me recover from a pretty serious car accident. She placed me in the right hands – literally. Don’t wait to be in an accident to be under the care of Amy and her crew – they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!” AF

“Best care I’ve received anywhere! Amy, Cliff, Brigett & all of their staff are talented, compassionate, warm & engaging. They educate and treat with great respect and care. The rest of the staff are welcoming and excellent at what they do. An extraordinary place!”

“Wonderful people, very effective treatments! They have kept me racing!”

“I feel like I have found an amazing team for my care.”

“You are all so fabulous and wonderful and amazing and you help me get better and be happy. Thank you!”

“I love the variety of treatment methods that Amy employs. She also seems to know exactly where my pain is stemming from, even if the spot seems unlikely or unrelated. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed and lovely. Everyone seems to care for your well-being and takes the time needed with you. I ❤ HCHA.”

“Staff is very nice and everything runs smoothly. I feel so much better after visiting HCHA and have recommended you to others.”-JG

“Called on a Saturday on a whim for an appointment and was able to walk in for a wonderful 60-minute massage from Cameron. The whole thing was wonderful, especially on my trouble spots. Cameron really listened to what I needed. He gives the best neck/head massage I have ever had. My neck hasn’t felt this good in…I don’t know how long.  If only I lived in the neighborhood, I’d be back every two weeks!”-ST

“I had a great experience at Hawthorne Chiropractic.  Amy really listened and asked many questions so that she could clearly understand my problem and properly treat.  I went through a series of treatments that ultimately aided me in walking again.  I had heat, and electro-stimulus, taping, home stretches, ice, manual adjustments, massage and Graston therapy. I will go back for sure and advise anyone who needs a great chiropractor!”-PS

“I feel a personal connection with my chiropractor. I always feel comfortable with her!”-AH

“Wonderful Office. Came in for a very sore back. My posture was very distorted. Amy was amazing. She is very caring and really took the time to listen and understand before treating. The treatment was very thorough and positive. Bridget was kind and helpful in showing me stretches I should do. Amy did very gentle adjustments and graston that I think really did the trick! I also received some amazing deep tissue from Alex. Thanks guys!!”

“Everyone here is professional, kind and most of all GREAT! From the very efficient front desk, massage artists, Assistants ( yes Bridgette you rule ) and of course Matt, Cliff and Aimee. I was in 2 accidents ( as a passenger ) in 2 months and here my pain went from a 10 to a 2 in a few months. After going here I found out that friends of mine also use this place and we all agree..HC is the best environment for a happy and healthy healing!”