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Latest training: Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Last year our docs were excited to add a new technique to their treatments – Selective Functional Movement Assessments. This method and others like it provide excellent tools to chiropractic, physical therapy and sports medicine providers to classify movement patterns to tailor manual therapy and therapeutic exercises for patients. This weekend our chiropractors are attending a seminar to receive training in Functional Restoration, a similar technique to SFMA.

Another technique, Functional Movement Screen, implements the assessments performed in SFMA into guided exercises to help patients re-train their bodies into new patterns of movement to make corrections. Several of our staff members have already completed the training for this method and we’re constantly working to stay up-to-date with the method.

This page by Gray Cook, one of the founders of FMS and SFMA has a really useful page describing these two techniques. Here’s a link!

If you’re interested in scheduling an SFMA or FMS appointment or have questions for us feel free to contact our office. We’re looking forward to further integrating and educating our patients with this indispensable tool.