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Hawthorne Chiropractic Receives Silver Certification Award from Sustainability at Work

  Press Release:

Sustainability at Work awards Silver Certification to Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts


Portland, Ore —Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts has achieved Sustainability at Work’s silver certification and is recognized for its leadership helping make Portland one of the cleanest, most sustainable cities in the country. To earn this honor, Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts completed numerous actions to benefit our local economy, our community and our environment, which were verified during an onsite visit with Sustainability at Work Advisors.

“We are proud to support our community and environment in a way that will serve to benefit the physical health, fiscal health, and overall quality of life of Portlanders for years to come,” say co-owners Dr. Amy Lennon and Dr. Cliff Marhoefer. “Over the past 20 years, we have consistently made small improvements in our environmental impact and energy efficiency, and we were honestly surprised when we realized we had nearly reached the Gold LEEDS standard, and had already met the Silver Certification. This certification is a natural part of our growth and values as a local business which we continue to uphold and consistently improve upon.”

Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts’s significant achievements include: installing rainwater catchement systems for roof runoff, using robust solar power for water heating and electricity, and installing energy-efficient windows, water faucets, and toilets. They have transitioned to an Electronic Medical Records system to reduce paper usage (in addition to the low-waste recycling system in place), and they offer a 10% time of service discount for bicyclists and mass transit commuters.
Sustainability at Work offers comprehensive, free resources and expertise for Portland organizations seeking to create a more sustainable workplace. These services are tailored to help each business conserve resources, improve efficiency, save money and provide a healthy and quality workspace for employees. To recognize and promote the work of businesses that have taken comprehensive and concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions, Sustainability at Work provides certification that is valid for three years.

About Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts
Hawthorne Chiropractic and Healing Arts has guided patients through all stages of the healing and recovery process for 20 years. Their chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturist form a close-knit team that works together to relieve pain and restore optimal function to both body and mind.
They exhibit the same ethic of cooperation and high standard of care in regard to environmental health. Hawthorne Chiropractic does everything they can to support health in all forms, and they have consistently taken steps to increase environmental efficiency and well-being in the workplace.

About Sustainability at Work
Sustainability at Work provides free tools and expertise to help businesses in Portland, Oregon achieve their goals. Businesses work with a Sustainability Advisor who helps them create a customized plan, and get connected to the free tools and resources available from program partners, which include the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Water Bureau, Bureau of Transportation, Bureau of Environmental Services, Energy Trust of Oregon, Metro and Pacific Power. www.sustainabilityatworkpdx.com.

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