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Erik Anderson DC

To all of the people I have met along the way. It is time for me to branch out on my own, and part ways with HC. This change has been much deliberated; and is…

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Celebrating our community! Our superstar Lara, has many marathons under her belt and last weekend placed FRIST in her age group! She’s quite and accomplished runner in addition to being a superstar mom, lactation specialist…

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Katelin and Cam Farewell

No one ever wants to say goodbye to their favorite massage therapist, but we’re trying to stay upbeat and keep a positive vibe while embracing the wonderful change that is happening with our dearest and…

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Arica’s Farewell

Hi everyone! It’s with a bittersweet note that I will be embarking on the next chapter of my professional and personal life down in California. My husband recently got a job opportunity in Silicon Valley…

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BIG (bittersweet) NEWS here at HC!

After over a decade we are saying ‘g’bye & we love you’ to our dearest Brig, office manager extraordinaire. At first, our hearts were heavy and we didn’t want to imagine a day without her…

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New Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy


We have a new therapeutic modality–Class IV Laser–which has been helping patients get back in action with their everyday and physical activities with less physical discomfort. Call us today for an appointment to discuss laser…

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Bike Rack!

Hello from HC! We have a new, semi-covered bike rack behind our clinic for use by you–our patients. You can always use the one in the front, but we have more spaces available in the…

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Pete Armstrong recently played at the 2016 North American Scrabble Championship. Way to go!